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Launch X2F

Xcel 2 Fitness is a non-profit organization that serves communities through “chapters.” A chapter is simply a designated city or region, such as X2F Chicago or X2F Central New York. Each chapter requires a leader, which we call a chapter president, to run it. Xcel 2 Fitness International works closely with each president to ensure they are supported, trained on our systems of operation, and continually invested in for personal and organizational growth. We are capable of launching a chapter anywhere across the United States. Chapters are launched under passionate, motivated people that want to make an impact in their community by empowering their boys to be Dream Chasers.

Who are we looking for in a chapter leader?

Launching a chapter starts with finding the right person.We need people who are enthusiastic about positively impacting their community through our mission of empowering boys to be Dream Chasers. We are looking for individuals who believe in our mission and are excited to invest in our culture.

In that vein, we want you to know that one of our core values in Xcel 2 Fitness, something that we teach our boys in the program and that is true of our organization from the top to the bottom, is that we are greater when we work together as a team (We > Me). Being a chapter president does not mean being an isolated individual in charge of running the program for your area. A chapter president doesn’t have to figure it all out on their own. We don’t train you and send you on your way. Being a leader means you are ready and willing to join the Xcel 2 Fitness team. It means working with the organization through our support and resources in leading the program for your community. Yes, you are the individual, independent leader in your area, but with Xcel 2 Fitness at your side the whole time, season after season.

Knowing that, if the following phrases fit you, then you might be a great candidate to be a chapter president and the perfect person for launching X2F in your community:

  • I live in or near the territory in which I wish to launch the program.
  • I am passionate about making an impact in my community.
  • I am connected in some way to local schools and/or my local school system.
  • I have the ability to network and build community support.
  • I have a reputable name in my community.
  • I am willing to invest time to grow X2F in my area.
  • I would be excited to share with family and friends and local schools and businesses about Xcel 2 Fitness.

How does a chapter function?

A chapter president is the physical presence of Xcel 2 Fitness in an area. X2F International provides all materials, from curriculum to equipment to Big Event obstacle course directions, but the president is the voice and face of the program to their community. A president reaches out to schools to grow the program in the area and connects with businesses for support through sponsorships. Again, X2F International provides resources to reach out to schools and businesses, but the president is the one tangibly engaging the community with those resources.

If I’m interested, what’s my first step?

The first step is simply to fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you. Filling out the form does not commit you in any way, but it will get you and your area on our radar, allow us to get some information to you that you’ll want to have, and allow us start building a relationship with you.

The process of becoming an approved, contracted Xcel 2 Fitness chapter president involves multiple stages and typically takes anywhere from 2 or 3 weeks to 2 or 3 months, depending on the time you dedicate to moving through the process. Below are deadlines to launch. To launch for the following season, you just need to have initiated the process of becoming a chapter president, not necessarily be under contract:

To launch a chapter in the upcoming fall season: APRIL 1

To launch a chapter in the upcoming spring season: OCTOBER 1

Fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you shortly: