Big Event vendor request

As our Founder Stephen Vaughn started this Organization, he had a heart to reach the boys in the community. He wanted to reach participants to help instill the drive to chase a dream and go for it with every ounce of their being. This organization was founded on the desire to make an impact and we are hearing incredible stories from parents and participants proving its success. We realize our work is never done and this passion to reach our community leaves us eager to continue moving forward. We will never be content, as we know each boy represents a potential world changer and dream chaser. Lets take this issue into our own hands. Help us continue striving to provide this to every boy in every school so that we together can help impact their outcome and empower them to be dream chasers!

We hope you will help LEAD the way in our community through supporting the Big Event representing all participating schools in the area.

Let us be the light for them, so they can discover their path!

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Payment Instructions: 

Make Checks payable to Xcel 2 Fitness and send to your local X2F Chapter President.


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