The Program

Xcel 2 Fitness uses the fundamentals of Fitness to develop the character boys need to chase their dreams.

Xcel 2 Fitness is a 501(c)3 boys fitness and character building program. Xcel 2 Fitness is carried out through a 6-week curriculum teaching speed, strength, agility, balance and cardio while embedding character through teamwork, leadership, and goal setting in an exciting team-based atmosphere.  After the 6-week program is complete all the schools in the area meet at the Big Event.  The Big Event is the Main Event of Xcel 2 Fitness.  This event will allow the teams to compete together as a team to conquer a challenge course.  Each individual will contribute to the teams’ effort and the challenge course is only possible through teamwork.  This Event is another reminder to the Boys of the importance of teamwork as well as striving to always do your best to overcome any challenge that they may face.

Fitness Focus: Speed, Strength, Agility, Balance, and Cardio

Character Building Focus: Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Goal Setting

Session Format:

Each session consists of a specified fitness focus as well as a character-building objective.  Each session begins by preparing the boys through conversation for the session focus. After a brief time of Small Talk we move into a specified dynamic warm-up to target the muscle groups being used in the session.  Each session breaks down after the warm-up as small group challenges begin with the 2 coaches to work on fun, specific challenges based on the fitness component of the day.

Small groups allow for increased opportunity for improvement. After the Small group challenges the entire group comes back together for a Showdown.  This portion of the session allows the boys to unify and enjoy a larger ending challenge. After completing the Showdown the boys go through a cool down period and then a wrap up.  The wrap up reiterates the talking points of the day and allows for a great time of reflection and how to implement the things learned through the session. The boys leave with a challenge as we push them to take things beyond the parameters of X2F and make it a part of their lifestyle.

Location Info:

  • Fall season and Spring season offered
  • Season is 6 weeks in length, 12 sessions
  • Teams meet 2 times per week for 1 hour after school
  • 2 coaches from school lead team from a scripted X2F manual
  • 8-20 participants on each team. For an additional team 2 more coaches must be provided to ensure safety for every participant and manage team mist efficiently.
  • Each School receives equipment to run the program and will be allowed to keep equipment to help support the PE program at the school as we continue to encourage being physically active.