Volunteer at Big Event

 We believe in excellence and we want to serve with excellence at our big event. Every season we rely on volunteers at the big event in order to do our best to create a lasting experience for every boy, their family, and friends.

    We will try and match you up with your top preferences the best we can.

Description of roles:


  • Potential roles include:
    • Greet and answer attendee questions
    • Help direct coaches and volunteers upon arrival
    • Distribute any event info to attendees
    • Help direct people to desired location (such as bathrooms)
    • Sale raffles
    • Concessions
    • Game face management.

Set up crew 

  • This is for the Friday evening before the event. You will help set up some of the obstacles and layout the course. We usually have a fun time setting things up and running the course before anyone else gets to see it!

Parking team

  • We need you to smile and wave as we greet the awesome families in attendance. We meet prior to the start of the event to discuss details and parking arrangement.

Field Marshals 

  • This is a very important role as you help ensure that the course runs smoothly and get to interact with the boys to encourage them along the way. You will be equipped to answer questions that the boys may have about the obstacle(s) that you are assigned to and will be provided video demonstration of the obstacles prior to the event for further understanding.

Official Course Timers

  • You will follow teams around the course and capture their time. This time will be reported to the start finish line person as the team crosses the finish line. You will be provided all of the timing rules and procedures to ensure accurate times for each team. There will never be more than 5 teams on the course at a time and you will just rotate with the other timers as new teams take the course.

Score Keeper

  • Record official times and calculate scores from the start finish line area. Course timers will report team times to you to record into the X2F timing system that is provided.

Start Finish line

  • You will help get the teams to the starting line and prepare to start. Their coach will be with them and will help coordinate things as well. You will be provided a list of teams and projected start times to help keep things moving throughout the event. As the teams cross the finish line the times are documented and posted on the time board.

Challenge/Game Zone

  • Challenge/Game zone is for boys and their parents to have fun and practice a couple of obstacles and games that are on. This is a time for the parents to have some fun as well. We need you to answer any questions they may have and help ensure the safety of those engaged at this zone.