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Get X2F at your school

We are always excited to hear from new schools in the area wanting to launch Xcel 2 Fitness. Xcel 2 Fitness wants this process to be as easy as possible for a school to launch and have prepared a turnkey system to do so.  The first step however is to fill out the form below so that we can contact you with the proper steps moving forward. We are excited about the potential of having your school participate in Xcel 2 Fitness and will contact you shortly!

I want X2F at my School


  • What makes Xcel 2 Fitness unique?

    We are fitness specific rather than sport specific giving participants from all backgrounds and interest an opportunity to grow through the program. We teach speed, strength, agility, balance, and cardio while embedding each lesson with teamwork, leadership, and goal setting.   Our final event, the Big Event, is a true reflection of our program.  This event is a unique obstacle course that challenges the boys and their teammates to work    together to make it through. This event proves to be a great experience for every participant and makes Xcel 2 Fitness a blast for every participant.

  • How does Xcel 2 Fitness serve the school and the participants?

    Xcel 2 Fitness is passionate about serving.  Xcel 2 Fitness gives the equipment that it takes to run the program to the Physical Education department at that school after the program is complete as a way to help promote and build physical Education at a participating school. After 6 weeks of fitness and character building, the participants of the program receive multiple items that adjust seasonally in an X2F Pack at the Big Event along with an official X2F shirt.

  • How do I get X2F started at a school?

    1. Contact: 
    - Fill out the form above and someone will be in touch shortly!

    2. Approval:
    - After proper approval from your school administration

    3. Two Coaches:
    - Staff and/or approved volunteer
    - Coaches determine days and time of function at their school and we give them everything else needed for a FUN season! Coaches from any background, we just ask that they are passionate and excited to lead an X2F team. X2F makes it fun and easy to lead a team!

    4. Equipment:
    - All equipment and curriculum needed to run the program is provided to run Xcel 2 Fitness at the school. The equipment is delivered directly to the school for coaches.

    5. Registration and season start:

    - School is provided registration forms that can be distributed to 3-5 grade boys to promote signups. Following registration the X2F team will be set to start the season!!